New Web Site for Gluten Free and Dairy Free Food Bars

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

People looking for delicious gluten and dairy free food bars have a new resource in Elemental Superfood’s new e-commerce site.

Los Angeles, Ca.- (Oct. 14, 2015)- Good news for moms who have little time to make healthy snacks for their children…or themselves, the diligent worker who needs a quick easy snack or the busy student needing food that helps keep them alert and focused. Elemental Superfood’s has launched a new e-commerce site with you in mind!

Nicole Anderson of Elemental Superfood has developed a new website to help her hungry customers find quality, organic food bars on a web property with the latest on line tools to make ordering, reordering and getting product information as easy as possible.


In short, it's fun and easy to use.

The new site also features a variety of available flavors sure to please any pallet. From dark chocolate + peanut butter to currant, cacao + hemp seed.

Elemental Superfood Seedbar’s have no additives, no preservatives, no fillers and nothing artificial. They are made with the highest quality ingredients that are organic and pesticide free, raw, gluten free & dairy free. These bars are high in protein and fiber, loaded with omega-3s and omega-6s and sweetened with the highest quality raw honey. 

Although available from retail stores across the country the new sites represents an opportunity for customers serious about getting the best organic food bars from one source with a consumer-engaging interface.

The on-line store eliminates the need to look high and low for the best organic food bar on the market.

Says Anderson, “I began making food at home years ago because of my daughter's allergies to wheat, dairy and sugar. If a product doesn't have one of these allergens, it usually has the other, so my options of what I could buy in a store were close to none."

Necessity being the mother of invention Nicole found herself a unique situation-becoming an organic food bar entrepreneur and a mother of a child with special needs.

She recalls, “Being a mother of a child with autism, I realized first-hand the effects that these foods would have on my daughter's well being. I made it my mission to research nutrition and food and the impact it has on the body. After seeing dramatic changes in my daughter as a result of a clean diet, I became passionate about creating foods that everyone I know can enjoy and benefit from.”

And in fact Elemental Superfood Seedbars are for everyone!

  • Moms that have little time to make healthy snacks for her children or herself
  • the diligent worker who needs a quick easy snack
  • the busy student needing food that helps keep them alert and focused.

They are the perfect fuel for the biker, hiker, snowboarder, surfer, runner, jogger or any other physical activity that requires strength and endurance.

They are great with a cup of coffee in the morning or any other time of the day when you want something delicious that you can truly feel good about eating. For satisfaction and sustainable energy, it is a perfect snack or meal on the go. 

In 2016, Elemental will continue to evolve and add to new offerings so bookmark the page and come back often to enjoy Nicole’s blog posts and articles of interest.

To learn more about Elemental Superfood and its flavors and to try out the new site, visit


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