Re-Deck-It Announces Franchise Opportunities

Monday, July 15, 2013

Re-Deck-It announces exclusive franchise opportunities for Southern California aimed at concrete refinishing; the fastest growing segment of the construction market in recent years.

Decorative concrete overlays. This relatively new technique to create economical building materials that have a professional look and a long lasting finish is a fast growing segment of the construction industry. Even though Re-Deck-It is new to the west coast it is not a recent innovation. "The Re-Deck-it system we are using today has been time tested for almost 20 years in the freeze-thaw areas of America", says Re-Deck-It founder and CEO Mike Fennessy who has over four decades in the concrete re-surfacing industry.
Re-Deck-It has announced three franchise options, all affordable and all high quality. Whether choosing the bronze, silver or gold package, dealers are guaranteed a professional buying experience as well as the ability to deliver to clients home beauty for years to come. 

Every resurfacing system Re-Deck-It has developed is capable of enduring in any climate, including those areas that feature drastic freeze-thaw swings. Competitors from the Sunshine State or the West Coast cannot make that same claim. 

What’s more not only are high-quality products and outstanding customer service guaranteed, but same-day shipping is the norm. When valued customers choose the Re-Deck-It system for their home or business, they are firmly preserving the very foundation they stand on. After the Re-Deck-It experience, concrete surfaces double in pounds-per-square-inch strength.

The Re-Deck-It system is for those who want to add beauty and value to their unsightly and drab concrete surfaces in a cost-effective way. Re-Deck-It is for those who not only want to beautify their surroundings, but want to do it in a quality and first-class way.

To learn more about Re-Deck-It and their franchise opportunities plus it’s many residential and commercial applications, visit their website at


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