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VRS iPad & iPhone App

For over 1 year Jules, Bob and I have been developing a Field Management App Optimized for All Mobile Devices (Apple, Android, Windows) for our client, Victory Retail Support. The application is a field management interface tool used by authorized personnel to complete their assignments with or without internet access. 

Authorized users take photos and file reports on the current condition of retail displays in the field which are then uploaded to the VRS website for review. Users are then notified if further action is required.

If you are interested in developing an app for your product or service, contact us.

Salimpour School Online

Salimpour Belly Dancing School & Membership Website - Students from all over the world log in to follow Suhaila's instructional videos and get certified in belly dance - a real "in studio" experience! Sign in! Take some classes! Have fun.

Click here to check out the site.

Blue Collar Elite

My team designed and coded this property. It's a membership site/employment portal with a front and backend CMS for Admin's, Applicants, and Employers. Check it out:


Express Plus Examiners

I'm very proud of this project. We wrote the whole project from scratch after the previous developer was unable to execute the applications' requirments, which are extensive. http://www.epexaminers.com

Panfila Domestic Violence HOPE Foundation

Panfilas' mission is to increase scientific knowledge and public awareness of the severe health consequences of domestic violence, most importantly the connection between domestic violence and neurodegenerative disease caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI). I'm happy to be a part of their mission.

Victory Retail Support

I'm very proud of this project. We designed and wrote this database application in Cold Fusion. The application really has evolved into a field management interface optimized for all mobile devices providing secure communication between VRS, various national brands and employees.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see much of the complex inner workings or the state-of-the-art functionality that makes retail display information and performance data available in real time. But you can still see the home page and view videos to give a complete overview of the application.  

Click here to check it out.

General Labs & Cleanroom Supply

I've been working with Tom Moore and General Lab and Cleanroom Supply for several years now. Their site is in the magento platform. I do mostly marketing tasks and maintaining the site in partnership with Sci5 Development.

Bob and I made a  custom database builder and emailing system to send out promo's to General Lab customers and prospects.

EPA Alumni Association

I've been working with the EPA Alumni Association for several years. This site also features an extensive custom CMS system and members areas.


El Terado Terrace, Catalina

Bob and I re-designed El Terado's website and made it Mobile Friendly with online reservations, fun facts and tips about Catalina and drastically improved their rank in the search engines which in turn resulted in much more business for the hotel.

Click here to check it out.

Fender Training Program

 Fender Training & Certifications

This is an example of a log in screen a vendor see's, in this case Fender, using Victory Displays' Go VRS platform. Which we custom built.

Katie Muck

Katie and I have been working together for many years now. She needed a robust website where she could post her Real Estate listings in Palos Verdes and the surrounding areas. So that's what we gave her - click here to check it out.

Salimpour Store

Here's the store we helped create for Suhaila Salimpour in 2015.

Any project like this is a team effort. Props to Vonda! You are indispensable!

Click here to check it out.

Salimpour School

Suhaila's Corporate Website

H&H Embroidery

H&H Creations of Custom Embroidery offers free embroidery on custom embroidered gift ideas including hats, bags, shirts, robes, towels, chef hats, jackets and more. Bob Bell and I re-did Hannelores site from scratch. I'm very proud of this one!

Have a look. Order some even! She's the best.


Elemental Superfood

People looking for delicious gluten and dairy free food bars have a new resource in Elemental Superfood’s new e-commerce site.


Brisk Walkers

Bob and I are currently working to expand this site for the client who wants to also promote his consulting business.

He's well ahead of the curve in promoting walking as more then a healthy activity, but a life style so I'm sure his advice is sound!

Bob and I have done everything on this including a custom CMS for the client to do his own updates. Check it out: http://www.briskwalkers.com/

Smitty Seal

Smitty Seal - protect your outdoor lighting from water and rust. Easy to install. Made to last. Check out their story! We had fun with this one.


Aura Imbarus | Author

Aura has faced a lot of scary things in her journey from Romania. I'm happy to report that having me redo her site was not one of them! Check it out!

Visit Aura's site here.

KVI360 Envision the Extraordinary

KVI360 designs "one of a kind" Virtual Staging and Renderings for Realtors, Developers, Architects & Clients. KVI360's custom 3D Library comprises their state-of-the-art method of furniture & accessory modeling. These models become the showpiece of KVI360's renderings.

Through their 3D renderings, clients can see furniture, lighting, fabrics & accessories, highlighted in their own interior space. If you love what you see, you can contact them at http://www.kvi360.com and purchase a whole room or one piece at a time.

Michael Vincent Academy

The Michael Vincent Academy.

Michael and his wife are cool.

They do cool stuff

Their site is cool.  

Bob, Jules and I tricked out the wordpress template.

Check it out!


Hi Tech Termite Control

This site really works and has been a lot of fun. I write for the blog as well and wrote a lot of the content that you'll find on the interior pages. Click here to check it out.


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