Headline Media Update for January 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

Headline Media has entered the 2020's with a full workload of new projects and continuing development of existing client properties.

I'm happy to report that Bob Bell and Jules are still with Headline! As well as Eve Mazzara working with me on a new print catalog for General Lab and Cleanroom Supply.

My app project with Jules and Bob for Victory Retail Support is on version 3.2.0! It's been deployed in the field now for a couple years while we continually work to improve it with feedback from the manufacturers reps using it.

Express Plus Examiners web portal, a year in development, is also complete. This site serves as a hub for insurance companies, examiners and clients to co ordinate exams, requirements and final documentation and billing for insurance related patient exams in the home or office.

My travels to Indonesia this year also resulted in a new project for Tony Eltherington Surf Charters!

Of course Suhaila is always keeping things fresh on the class site. We even produced a gateway app for her talented daughter Isabella that's available in Google Play.

Another new project set to come on line soon is a new fund raising site for the Panfila Foundation. They're mission is to raise awareness of traumatic brain injury due to domestic violence. A worthy cause Headline Media is happy to be associated with.

Another project for Same Day Delivery, www.ineedadelivery.com, is another high functioning, responsive, web based application that I'm having a lot of fun developing with Bob.  

I really love working with my team and clients developing web based applications that are the hub of my clients business. The variety of skill sets involved putting our custom built creations out there and seeing them become successful is a great challenge that is keeping me engaged and excited for the future of info-tech. 



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