New Projects and Clients for 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Well here we are in Spring 2015... The future has arrived. Wild!

As we move into summer 2015 I have several interesting projects going.

Headline Media and Victory Display's relationship continues to deepen with new training features added to our govrs property.
We've projected to start adding new venders to the program through this year and into next so that's something we'll be talking about for a while.
General Lab and Cleanroom continues to keep us busy, We have created a emailing system in Headline that uses the database I've been building for them.
Gold Label, Katie Muck, The El Terado Terrace and HH Embroidery have all been getting love this spring.
My new client Elemental Foods is almost ready to launch her new Big Commerce property that we've been working on.
And let's not forget Matias Denim or American Cooking Equipment!
It has been busy and, as always, we're learning and quite frankly being inspired by all these clients.
I'm here to tell you, from where I'm sitting, the kids are alright and it's a pleasure to be involved in helping them succeed. Bob Bell continues to reach new heights in programming. And Jules, as ever, is ready for any challenge.
We're looking forward to summer 2015.


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