Termite Company in Southern California receives State Registration for Micro-wave Termite Control Technology

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hi-Tech Termite Control, a termite control company in San Diego, is happy to announce state registration of their XTerminator 4.0™ microwave technology for termite control.

In obtaining California state registration, Hi-Tech Termite Control company has added another chapter to the surprisingly long and interesting history of innovative applications for microwave technology.

Beyond the now innocuous kitchen appliance, microwave technology has had many surprising applications. Before culminating in this instance with Hi-Tech Termite Control’s California state registered XTerminator 4.0™, microwaves have been used by a diverse succession of innovators throughout the years. Early patents are filed dating to the 1890s!

Wallpaper removal and “condensation preventer” were early applications of the microwave, with the first patents for use on termites recorded in 1934. And it’s not just termites that microwaves have proven effective against. In 1990, a patent was issued for using microwave energy to thwart electronic bugs used for eavesdropping embedded in concrete and building structures.

Says Robert Tallie, "We deploy the XTerminator 4.0™  with confidence.” According to Tallie, the key to a successful deployment involves recognizing the proper technique for a given situation. “It’s our experience and diverse techniques that enable us to proudly come to the aid of homeowners in order to defeat one of their greatest enemies - the termite.”  

For nearly 20 years now, Hi-Tech Termite Control company has helped ensure the integrity of structures throughout Southern California by means of their microwave method of termite control in conjunction with the highly effective, locally applied Termidor.  In fact, Hi-Tech’s clean and efficient microwave technology was found by the State of California to have a 97.4% efficacy rate.

Hi-Tech’s Robert Tallie makes clear that Hi-Tech Termite Control is looking forward to being the go to company for termite control in Southern California. Home and property owners with termite extermination and termite damage repair questions are increasingly looking to Hi-Tech's blog for the most up to date information and tips.

In the termite control business, it takes perseverance combined with the best business practices to make the 20 year mark. Hi-Tech Termite Control company looks forward to honoring that milestone with a recommitment to innovative techniques and technology, such as their pioneering California state registered XTerminator 4.0™ microwave technology and effective, low-toxic termite control solutions.

Hi-Tech Termite Control is active on social media, publishing an ongoing series of blog posts on everything from termite identification to  termite treatment and termite damage repair options.

Hi-Tech Termite Control’s corporate office is located in San Diego California.

For more information about Hi-Tech Termite Control, visit http://www.hi-techtermitecontrol.com and follow Hi-Tech on Facebook.



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