New Era Hats Customized just for You

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Era Hats are awesome caps.  Their tag line . . .  Fly Your Own Flag . . .  well you really can!  Let’s embroider your New Era Hats with your logo, your name, or anything else you’d like.  Are you part of a group that wears New Era Hats?  Let’s customize them for you. 

How about we embroider the front of your New Era hats.  That would look awesome.  And what if you could get that embroidered New Era Hat for under $10 !  Even more Awesome!!!  If you can order at least 12, all with the same embroidery, the only charge you’ll have is UNDER $10 for each hat plus shipping. Having us create your design is FREE.  All the embroidery on your hats is FREE (up to 7,000 stitches per hat – which for a front center design is well within that 7,000 stitches).   

Interested in getting some?  Well click on over to our website  ; and in the upper left corner of your screen you’ll see a search field.  Enter “New Era” into that search field and all the New Era Hats we offer will appear.  You can place your order online. Or if you prefer, call or email us, and we’ll put your order together that way.  Whatever works best for you.  Here’s my email: , and our toll free # is 866-200-3313.

If you have a logo that you’d like embroidered onto your hats, no problem.  Email us your graphic, and we’ll create your embroidery from that.  Again, there’s no charge for that.  It’s FREE.

When we receive your order, we’ll create your design and email a screenshot of that to you.  You’ll get a close up of the embroidery and you’ll get another shot of the embroidery shown on a hat so that you can see the relative size of the embroidery.  Once the design is exactly as you like it, then we’ll embroider your hats.  From the time you place your order until you have your hats in your hands should take less than 2 weeks. So . . .  let’s get going.  . . .  Looking forward to working with you. 


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