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First of all, thank you for visiting my website. I'm Christian Peterson and since 1992 I've been doing business as Headline Media. I'm a consultant specializing in art, programming, print and website development and implementation. Since 1992 I have been serving clients nationwide.

Headline Media is a high service agency. I'm perfect for small to large clients who need brand new websites, data-driven websites, website facelifts, ColdFusion, PHP websites, WordPress websites, regular updates to their websites or need to produce printed material, brochures, pamphlets, posters, flyers, mailers or graphic design, logo, branding, icons and more.

My team includes talented web and graphic designers, expert programmers, system administrators, IT professionals, printing companies and internet marketers to transform your website or print project into effective and useful communication tools. In short, I will help you succeed.


I founded Headline Media in Redondo Beach Ca. in 1992 as an indoor advertising media group for local advertisers with 35 local restaurants featuring full-color display boards and card dispensers.

As Headline Media grew my relationships with clients such as the Americana Company, The College of Oceaneering, Stewart Filmscreen, AVHQ, Malaga Bank and others evolved and Headline Media grew into a more full-service art, programming and graphics consultation group performing art, programming and graphics tasks for a diverse set of clients.

During this period, among many other projects, Headline Media produced:

  • A 32-page color product brochure for the Americana Company.
  • A 24-page color brochure for Stewart Filmscreen.
  • A 24-page color brochure for the College of Oceaneering.

With the growth of the internet starting in 1995 Headline Media assumed a leadership position with its clients and was instrumental in developing web properties and online marketing for a long list of clients including Malaga Bank, Tokai Bank of California, Bay Cities National Bank, Stewart Filmscreen, AVHQ and many others.

Today Headline Media continues to partner with clients to achieve their goals of generating new business opportunities. I produce results by creating web properties, color print catalogs, flyers, advertisements and marketing assistance that communicates clearly and effectively.

My commitment to my client's success shows in every project I'm involved in. This commitment has secured me a varied clientele ranging from large high-tech corporations and governments agencies to community-focused organizations and boutique hotels.

I currently host and manage about 50 successful web properties and am happy to have contributed to my client's successes. I'm looking forward to making my experience and skill sets be valuable services to you too.

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