what makes a multi million dollar home?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hello readers,

My new client Joe La Monica is often asked what makes a multi million dollar home?

Here's what he had tio say-

In my experience a  million dollar house becomes a multi million dollar home when it has certain elements that put it over the top. 

In Southern California, particularly in the South Bay and of course in Malibu,  such spaces abound as if they are common, even routine.  After nearly 30 years in the custom home business I can assure they are neither.

So what is it that makes a house special? Is it the architecture, the furniture, the artwork or perhaps the location?  All important, yet plenty of houses have those elements and yet there’s no single answer to this question.  So how can you make your own home look stunning like that? 

From a builders point of view, it's quality and integrity.  
So many beautifully designed homes could be jaw dropping projects when the quality of construction is what it should be.  When you see your plans completed by your architect and you are ready to build, you are usually satisfied with the initial design of your dream home or remodel.  But if you don't have the right builder for it, the final results can some times be disappointing.

To me, quality is all about integrity and taking the time and effort it takes to do things right and provide the best materials possible under the budget that was set.  It's also paying attention to detail. People that know quality also understand the effort and talent it takes to provide the detail that goes into a quality job. That is why it is so important to choose your builder wisely and someone you connect with. 

You really have to trust that person. I always tell people, "I am going to be spending the next year or so spending a lot of your money",  so trust is a huge element of an owner builder relationship. 

Communication is another huge part of the elements of building a dream home. Things change on a daily basis. Sometimes things on paper, (plans), just don't seem right in the field.  So your builder should be able to suggest things that will keep the integrity of the quality of your project in tact. 

So, to me, it's that combination of the best quality materials with the intangibles of integrity, trust and communication that are the key elements make the difference between a million dollar house and a multi million dollar home.









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