Dohmen Capital saves client “millions of dollars.”

Monday, December 14, 2015

The client of Dohmen Capital Research group, wrote a testimonial on June 21, 2011, saying:

“…he (Bert Dohmen) gave me the warning about the big crash in 2008 that saved me millions of dollars.” 

But about four years later, a lawyer writing he represented this client, threatened Bert Dohmen, founder of Dohmen Capital, to pay a large amount or his client would “do his utmost to publicize this matter widely…” The “matter” is that he lost money in the stock market.

The attorney followed thru with the threat with an outrageous press release, full of falsehoods and distortions. Dohmen Capital president, Bert Dohmen, is fighting this in court, and to set the record straight, will take other measures.  

Bert Dohmen is known to his clients for his integrity and his expertise in forecasting the investment markets and the economy. He has been ranked #1 Stock Market Timer in the nation.

He has been a guest on many national and international TV shows, such as CNBC, CNBC ASIA, CNN, CHINA TV AMERICA, etc. for over three decades. He was a special guest on Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week, on Lou Dobb’ Moneyline, Neil Cavuto on Fox, The Nightly Business Report, etc. All are very choosy about their guests.

His analysis has been featured in some of the best known investment publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barron’s, Futures Magazine, etc.

Bert Dohmen has written three prescient investment books: “PRELUDE TO MELTDOWN,” in 2007 which predicted a global crisis similar to 1929 to occur in 2008. He wrote “FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE,” a chronologic account of the year 2008 and the global meltdown later that year. Dohmen says it is a great guide to the next crisis, because the always developer in similar ways.

And three years ago he wrote “THE COMING CHINA CRISIS, predicting a financial crisis in China. That crisis became full blown with the $5 TRILLION China market crash this summer.

Regarding the defamatory press release, Dohmen says, “Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson commented after he had become a victim of character assassination: 

“I have no problem with being vetted. What I do have a problem with being lied about.”

Dohmen say he doesn’t mind being criticized, “but I do mind being threatened with falsehoods, deceptions, and an outrageous press release designed to tarnish my good reputation and to compel me into a big monetary payment.” 

Dohmen is currently handling this matter via the courts and therefore, cannot give details at this time but is confident about the outcome. He has also filed a complaint with the California Bar Association against the attorney.

Dohmen Capital and Bert Dohmen have a very loyal following.  Many of their subscribers have been with the firm for 20-38 years, which is unprecedented in that field. Dohmen adds, “we have the greatest clients in the world, many of whom have become true friends.” 


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